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Discover Bidster – One of the Online Auction Sites in the UK 2022

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Discover Bidster - One of the Online Auction Sites in the UK 2022
Discover Bidster - One of the Online Auction Sites in the UK 2022 1

Bidster – One of the Online Auction Sites in the UK


Until last week, I didn’t know either!
As someone with not just a passing interest in shopping, I was a little curious to receive an email entitled “Bidster-Where The Lowest Bid Wins”.

Looking closely, extravagant claims were seemingly made claiming that a brand new Marc Jacobs bag had been sold for…wait for it…25p and an iPod Touch phone for…here we go…£1.25.

Never! I thought.

However, a quick look at the website proved that this was indeed true. Bidster launched on the 12th May and is set to take the UK by storm, with its’ high end, premium products coupled with incredibly low prices. It is very different from a traditional auction in that the winner is the lowest bidder.


To participate, you need to place a bid. You do this after the start of the auction by clicking on the item you are interested in and bidding either by using SMS on your mobile phone or via a free to set up Bidster

Account-whichever is more convenient.

All bids are monitored automatically and immediately identifies the lowest unique bid. The challenging part for the bidder is place a very low bid which is unique. To make matters a little simpler, Bidster gives clues by clearly showing the ranges in which bids have already been placed.

The closing dates for all auctions are clearly shown and new items are added regularly. At the close of the auction, if there are no unique bids, the computer will look for the lowest amount bid by the smallest number of bidders and declare the first bidder in that group to be the winner of the auction. This system ensures that there is always a winner providing that at least one bid has been placed.


An invoice is sent to the lowest unique bidder shortly after the end of the auction. This is sent either to your email address or to your mobile phone if your have placed your bid via mobile phone. Shipping will be added onto the invoice. The item is shipped once you have paid. Simple!


These are all genuine auction items and there are many more to view on Bidster’s website. There are real bargains to be had.

Philips Flat Screen TV 42″…£2.71…iPod Touch 16…£1.25…Marc Jacobs Bag…25p…£50 Cash…30p…Playstation 3…£1.39…MacBook Air…£4.38…Sony Projector TV…57p

You can take a look at the Bidster website by clicking on the link below. To participate, you simply need to register your details. Not only is it free to register, but Bidster are giving away a free £4.00 signup bonus.

You may use the £4.00 at any time on any Bidster auction. Why not have a go? If you have used eBay before you will know how fascinating online auctions can be. This has an added twist though-you won’t find bargains like this on eBay!

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Bidster – One of the Online Auction Sites in the UK|