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How can I subtley clean my bed after an accident? Discover 2022

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How can I subtley clean my bed after an accident? Still 2022

I’m 27 but I had an accident last night. I have some very controlling and difficult family members in my house ATM, so to go downstairs to use the washing machine would be extremely embarrassing right now and would, be a massive deal (which I don’t want)

I’m wondering if there is a way to do this without having to completely change my bed somehow?

Like, could I somehow dry everything (but how?) And then use baking soda?


Update kinda: I believe this post is now locked

So I legitimately didn’t realise how bad the situation was until you kind, wonderful members of the internet made me realise, so thank you for that. It was emotionally overwhelming to sort of realise the reality of the situation, I think on some level I knew, but must have been in denial or something. It has been one of the most emotionally difficult days of my life, and I just truly want to say thank you to each of you for being there.

In regards to the bed, right now, considering everything, the bed is the least of my worries. Emotionally I am exhausted, I am fragile and I need time to digest this situation. So, feel free to judge, but I have left it and I’m sleeping on it. When things are this bad, sleeping on a wet bed is the least of my concerns. I will sort the bed out tomorrow. I will do my best to respond asap. But for now, I need to sleep.

Thank you x

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