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If your Vietnam vacation tour brings you to Halong Bay, hạ long congratulations! You're on the most beautiful natural place on Earth. The area is so amazing it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Today, in 2012, it was officially proclaimed to be one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world by New 7 Wonders Foundation.

However, you cannot feast your eyes on the vast attractive landscape nor experience the beauty of the location in one sitting. It's just not possible! Halong Bay is around 1553 square kilometres big. It is composed of not just one island but around 2000 beautiful islets made of limestone karst. Some islets boast large grottoes and spacious caverns.

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Aside from the natural wonders, you must not miss also the local boat communities to discover their culture and how they live off the land or in this case, off the sea. There are about four fishing villages around Halong Bay and they form a community of around 1,600 people. Their sustenance came from the bounty of Halong Bay that offers more than 450 different kinds of mollusks and 200 species of fish.

Halong Bay Cruise

There are over 100 cruise ships that they traditionally refer to as "junk" boats. Do not be fooled by what the name implies for these boats are anything but junk. Some have cabins that are comparable to presidential suites on most 5-star hotel complete with air conditioning, sophisticated toiletries and luxuriant amenities. They also have complete first class restaurants and a bar and drinks corner to fix your favourite cocktail.

You can also relax on their room massage or sunbathe on the sundeck . The sundeck is also convenient for many of fun activities offered on a Halong Bay Travel Cruiser so there will never be any dull moments. On the sundeck you can watch the beautiful limestone karst from afar, you can marvel unhindered at the beautiful sunset view and you can practice your early morning Tai Chi (with a professional instructor of course). Some Halong Bay Cruise travel program of activities also include cooking lessons from the boat's master Chef and some party and family activities that promotes bonding with the other guests and crews.

Discover the Place Aboard a Halong Bay Cruise

To experience Halong Bay on its entire beauty, a two to three day booking on a Halong Bay Travel Cruise is recommended. Halong Bay has so many fantastic places to go for sightseeing and so many activities you can do that it is simply impossible to fit it in one day. On the first day, you will board your ships and receive an open arm welcome from the boat crew. Then the cruise will move around the islands where every view is photogenic. A visit to a wonderful grotto is usually included on the first day itinerary as well as kayaking so you can appreciate the limestone formations at a close glance. You can also go swimming or simply visit the caverns and sinkholes on some of the larger karst. At the end of the first day you can enjoy the view of a very astounding sunset as the cruise ship go to the evening anchorage area.

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The second day has also a lot to offer. You can start the day by admiring the towering islets while they were engulfed in the early morning fog. The mist gives Halong Bay a heavenly aura that makes you feel you are floating on cloud nine. The morning sunrise is also a beauty in itself and nothing beats having a few quick stretching on the sundeck while getting a healthful amount of sunlight in your skin.

You can continue kayaking so you can move closer and under the limestone formations and kynghidongduong.vn you can also enjoy swimming on the beautiful emerald sea. A visit to the local fishing communities is sometimes included where you get to interact with the local Viet folks so you can discover their culture and ways of life.

Halong Bay Travel on a cruise experience is a very memorable activity you can recommend to your friends. You will simply bring nothing back but fond memories of the place which could last you a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Go on a Halong Bay Cruise Travel now!

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