Cruising In Halong Bay- One Of The World 39;s New 7 Wonders Of Nature

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Visiting the most famous Vietnamese World Heritage Site with the cruise is bound to be one of the highlights of your travel itinerary in Vietnam.
Cruising is the best way to explore and feel attraction of Halong bay. You could see drowned karst landscape that has been elevated and eroded over millions of years to create thousands of small. The islands emerge from the muffling mists like tombstones, stark vertical forms thrusting 10 stories or more above the water and flat in the thin light.

Their sheer sides and sharp peaks defy any comforting notion of human habitation. This is a ghostly though gorgeous seascape, an environmental phenomenon that forces awe and pleasure - as well as needed serenity.
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Tourists will have many choices which have different about level and price.

However you should choose level cruise from 3 stars to 5 stars to receive the best service and safe. General, all cruises are checked about safe and standard equipment on the cruise. Moreover, there are several relaxing services provided on the cruises including restaurant & bar, massage, cooking class, tai chi class, etc...

Some famous cruises are appreciated by tourist such as: Au Co, Bhaya, Paradise, Violet, Jasmine cruise... The Au Co is the most modern cruise in Halong bay. It was built in 2012 and it has 32 cabins with 5 star levels. This cruise was honored as luxury hotel on the sea.

Paradise cruise has perennial brand with luxury cruises in Halong bay such as: Paradise, Paradise Peak cruise... Tourist will surprise about luxury and professional service of these cruise. The architecture of these vessels draws its inspiration from the traditional Halong Bay junks.

They have been furnished and designed to offer the utmost comfort worthy of a world-class luxury hotel and the enchanting charm of a boutique hotel.

By cruising, tourists could choose many itineraries to visit famous destination in Halong bay. General, cruising on halong bay have long day journey and daily journey.

du lịch hạ long day journey often happens in 3 nights or 2 nights. Tourist can fully enjoy "the mysterious limestone caves on Halong Bay's bigger islands and the incredible sunsets", which are two sights not to be missed according to the advice of Mr. Stuart McDonald.

This is relaxing paradise to enjoy peaceful time, quite. Choosing halong bay cruises is the new travel experiences and the new way of discovery for tourists. Let's choose suitable cruise itinerary and explore mysterious limestone caves on Halong Bay.

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