Enjoy Tu Hai Snails And Seafood In Halong Bay

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Halong Bay is known worldwide as a very beautiful scenic place. It is officially recognized as one of the new 7 Wonders of the World in 2012 and as early as 1994 it was already declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is situated 170 kms east of Hanoi and it consists of around 2000 beautiful gem islets made of limestone karst in varying sizes and shapes. The four most prominent islands are Van Don, Quan Lan, du lịch hạ long Cat Ba and Ban Sen.

One of the largest and well inhabited islands is Van Don because this place is very accessible. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge near Cura Ong. In and around the main island are about 600 islands that form the Van Don Archipelago. Scattered among these islands are 23, 000 inhabitants and the outside island commune is adjacent to the emerald clear waters of Halong Bay.

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Aside from the many beautiful beaches, historical culture, fresh air, limestone islets and caves found in the archipelago, the most memorable experience you will have is the delicious seafood! And perhaps the most prominent of them all on this northeastern part of Halong Bay is Tu Hai snails.

Tu Hai Snails - Succulent Delicacy of the Viet People

Tu Hai snails is the specialty of Van Don island district and du lịch hạ long it is very popular because of its unique and terrific sweet and cool taste. Once you have tasted this exotic dish once, you will never be able to forget is since the taste is comparable to no other. In fact trying this food is going to hook you for life!

In some locations, this delicacy is called snail spout, but however this kind of shellfish is called, one constant fact is that this snail is very rare and valuable. It is also highly sought after because this species of mollusk has very potent virile powers aside from its high nutritional value. That means that on your next Halong Bay travel, you must not forget to try this wonderful Vietnamese cuisine. It is usually prepared as a soup or a salad and you can also have it baked or steamed. You can also enjoy the local favorite preparation of Tu Hai which is having it grilled with oil and kynghidongduong.vn onions.

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One of the simplest preparations of Tu Hai is to soak them in 80 to 90 degree hot water for three minutes. After that pick them up and wash the shells. You can then saute dried onion and garlic as well as fresh onion leaves and then mix them with Tu Hai. After that add fish sauce, soup, glutamate, more spices and aromatic vegetables and then steam it for 12 to 15 minutes. If Tu Hai is very fresh, you can eat them without steaming, just be sure to have it soaked in hot water for 5 minutes to bring out the sweet flavor and the tenderness of the meat.

Other Seafood to Choose From

Of course, on your Halong Bay tour, there are other delicious seafood dishes to choose from. Other very popular choices among tourists are oyster, clam and shrimp. You can also make a selection among the hundreds of types of fish available in Halong Bay. But whether it be Tu Hai snails or other seafood you choose to try, one thing can be sure, you'll gonna enjoy and love this food so much because they simply tast...heavenly!

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