Halong Bay - The Number One Tourist Destination In Vietnam

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I have been browsing the magazines and the captivating pictures of Halong Bay made me decide to take a trip to Vietnam. Upon arriving at the airport, I booked a room at the luxury hotels of Hanoi to take a rest and plan for my tour for the following day.

I woke up early in the morning and took a mini bus from Gia Lam bus station. My adventurous journey from Hanoi to Halong was 4 hours hạ long. It could be shorter, but the bus needs to make stops to load or unload passengers. I don't mind at all since the 4 hour drive gave me the opportunity to have a glimpse of the daily activities of Vietnamese people as well as the fantastic landscapes that I could see along the way. When I arrived at Halong City, getting a Halong Bay cruise is easy since there are a lot of travel agents that will approach you and offer their cruise packages to you.

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Top Attractions of Halong Bay

I have managed to pick a cruise package and upon reaching the Bai Chay Wharf I was impressed of the elegant and elaborate design of the amazing junk boats! Once I was aboard the vessel I almost feel that I am an Emperor taking a cruise around the emerald sea of Gulf Tonkin. As we slowly sail around the Halong Bay, I was enthralled of the towering limestone karst islets and islands that rise high from the sea.

During the cruise, the boats made stops to major islands to give us time to explore its exquisite caves and superb beaches. Here are some of the major islands of the bay that makes my visit to Vietnam worthwhile.

Cat Ba Island - Vietnam's National Park

Strolling around the island gave me the opportunity to take good look at the rare and exotic plant and animal species. One of those species is the Cat Ba Langur a rare kind of monkey that has a golden orange hair and a very long tail. The islands also have five star hotels, first rate restaurants and bars where you can relax and take a rest after spending a day walking around the island.

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Floating Villages

I thought that it was only a joke when I overheard a fellow tourist say that during our cruise, we are going to see houses that floats on the sea. I am mistaken, it was real! The junk boat made a stop at these villages to buy fresh fish and seafood. I can't believe it!! But, I saw with my very own eyes that the houses really float. You can also try sleeping at those houses, since the community allows you to spend a night at those houses for a price of course.

There are still many places that around the bay that will fascinate and give you a memorable Halong Bay experience. All I can say is that my vacation in Vietnam has been an exciting one because of the awesome sceneries and kynghidongduong.vn panoramic views that I saw in Halong Bay.

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