Halong Luxury Tour With Seaplane And Au Co Cruise

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Preferably, Au Co Cruise joins in the competition of being combined with the premium seaplane of Hai Au Aviation. If still feeling doubtful about the compatible Cruise for the Halong Bay Seaplane Tour, why not vote for Au Co Cruise?

Its deluxe features are worth considering for the seamless combination. With years of operation on Halong Bay, the Au Co cruise is proudly confident about its standards as well as services that meet the passengers' demands wholesomely. How many days are there in your vacation? If the answer is 3, let us draw your attention to the 3-day Au Co Halong Bay and seaplane transport!

Such the trip allows you to sail around the Bay as well as its eminent attractions.
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Top Essentials of Au Co Halong Bay and Seaplane Scenic Tour

Being launched with the eye-catching design on both interior and exterior aspects, the Au Co Cruise possesses the safe and well-equipped cabins that secure the passengers' comfort throughout their stay.

While the private balconies allow them to obtain the panoramic view over the seascape, the lounge available aids them in resting comfortably. In the stress-free status, everybody finds it motivational to get immersed into the natural fascination around the world heritage site.
Since Halong Bay is globally famous for the undying charm, it attracts your eye and heart from the top view as well as the horizontal contemplation.

When landing at Halong via the private flight on seaplane from Hanoi, continue sailing around the Bay on Au Co Cruise so that you can add the endless excitement to the trip.

The beauty of the destination is only discovered if spending days and nights here. Of course, it is encouraged to have the grand Halong Bay Luxury Cruise Package. Otherwise, if your trip duration is 3 days, the Au Co Cruise helps to optimize the tour's ambiance with the charming stay and splendid services.
As an illustration, the 3-day Tour is completed with the visit at the 3 exotic Bays namely Halong Bay, Bai Tu du lịch hạ long Bay, and Lan Ha Bay. Plus, expect to explore the National Park of Cat Ba Island around!

While the days are pleased with the perfect sightseeing, the nights are served well in the splendid cabins with all ingredients of comfort.

The wide array of entertainment choices from biking to using rowing boat and exploring the primitive beaches are what the tourists desire to end the tour with the everlasting memories. Especially, enjoy the top featured folk songs, games, culture, kynghidongduong.vn cuisine, etc., right on the luxury Cruise!

Compatibility between Au Co Cruise and Seaplane

Thanks to the convenient seaplane from Hanoi to Halong, the vacationers can remain energetic during the 30-minute flight. After experiencing the top view of the Bay, almost all tourists desire to take rest in the bed of roses.

In that sense, the luxury Au Co Cruise suits all of needs and wants. With the sumptuous cabins and world-class services, this cruise stands out as one of the most compatible companion for the seaplane leisurely. Let's fly to Halong by seaplane and cruise around onboard of Au Co Cruise!

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