Shocking Moment Four Pedestrians Are Swallowed By A Sinkhole In China

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Four pedestrians in a southern Chinese city have been swallowed by a sinkhole after the road under their feel suddenly gave way.
The victims escaped injuries after falling into the pit, which measured three metres (9.8 feet) long, one metre (3.3 feet) wide and one metre deep, according to a report.
It is believed the hole was caused by leaked water from underground drainage system.

The local authority has started to repair the damage.
Three men walking on a road in China before a sinkhole suddenly opens up, swallowing them
They fall into the pit together with another man, tour nam ninh who had fallen into the hole and climbed out
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The incident took place on the evening of Saturday in Nanning, the provincial capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, reported [ ].
According to the report, the sinkhole was wedged between two residential buildings. 
Footage released by the station shows one man falling into the sinkhole first, but quickly climbing out of it.
Seconds later, three other men approached the dent unaware of the danger. 
The first victim climbs out of the sinkhole by himself before the road continues to crumble
The hole measured three metres (9.8 feet) long, tour du lịch nam ninh one metre (3.3 feet) wide and one metre deep
As the road continued to crumble, the trio, together with the first man, plunged altogether when the pavement underneath them collapsed.
A moped parked on the road also fell into the hole.
The four residents were helped out of the sinkhole by passersby.

They were said to be unhurt. 
Workers at the Dashatian Water Supplying Company turned off the water supply the same day and began repairing the road the next morning.
The restoration project is expected to complete on January 3, said the report.