The Stunning Images Of Vietnam That Will Make You Ache To Visit

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The memorable sight of 200 islands rising out Halong Bay has du lịch hạ long attracted a plethora of tourists to Vietnam, but there is a wealth of culture and beauty at every corner just waiting [#

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What draws him to the people in Vietnam is their willingness to talk and interact, du lịch hạ long and their humour, which allows for natural and captivating portraits
Choosing to give up his hectic life in France to live a quiet one in Hoi An was a bold decision but one Réhahn rarely regrets
Simple pleasures: Cutting vegetables in Tra Que Village (left) and a local man on the morning commute (right)
What Réhahn loves most about Vietnam is it is a mosaic of contrasts. Many of the 54 ethic groups still wear traditional costume and live in traditional houses
Multicoloured lights: Rainbow-coloured lanterns of all shapes and size bring Hoi An alive dark 
A spectacular sunset is captured on Co Co River. His thought-provoking pictures have earned him a strong following of over 218,000 Facebook fans and a series of book deals
Next the intrepid explorer plans to undertake a 15-day trip to north Vietnam by motorbike to discover more minorities and remote areas. Pictured here is his gallery, Couleurs d'Asie, in Hoi An

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