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Many nurses are terrible people and don’t deserve to be called heroes. Today 2022

Many nurses are terrible people and don’t deserve to be called heroes. Still 2022

As a chronic pain patient, the amount of trauma I’ve endured due to nurses is disgusting. This whole “healthcare workers are heroes” thing is be. While there are many medical professionals who do deserve this title, most nurses don’t. Even many doctors hate nurses because of how petty they can be. Also, NO ONE should be defending that nurse who killed a patient because she gave them the wrong meds (after OVERRIDING THE SYSTEM to get the meds). If that person had been a child instead of an older person, no one would EVER defend her. She’s a murderer.

ETA: I am NOT saying all nurses are terrible people. I am not saying that so many nurses aren’t overworked and undervalued. I am also not talking about the nurses just since the panini, as I’m much more understanding of how nurses feel during the panini. I’m also not saying there aren’t wonderful nurses out there. I have had one or two wonderful nurses. I also do not think doctors are all kind. I have had very bad experiences with doctors, especially neurologists, as their ego’s can be awful.

EDIT #2: I do not ask for narcs, and I would never blame a nurse or doctor for a hospital’s policy. That isn’t proper treatment for my illness, and I do not like how they make me feel.

EDIT #3: panini is used here because my post was previously removed when I used a different word

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