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Roe v Wade General Strike Still 2022

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Roe v Wade General Strike Still 2022
Roe v Wade General Strike Still 2022 1

Roe v Wade General Strike Discover 2022

Time and again we have allowed ourselves to be walked on without consequences of any sort for the ruling class that stomps us. Too long we have fretted over losing a shit job if we protest, stand up or speak out. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade we must unify in a General Strike in protest of one more human right denied, stripped from us.

Every man and woman who is outraged by this insulting and sickening advance in tyranny should stand up and walk out. Our unity is our only hope and defense. If we don’t take to the streets now we can be certain that if forced birth becomes law many more injustices and indignities will not be far behind. It will be a direct assault on the working class and have no impact on the wealthy.

We have to do this together. We’re all we’ve got left.
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