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Still Authentic or Fake? 2022

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Still Authentic or Fake? 2022
Still Authentic or Fake? 2022 1

Authentic or Fake?

1. Admit It: Traditional business models do not work. The Internet has changed our world as geographical boundaries, language barriers and cultural differences have melted right before our eyes. Anyone with Internet access can source goods from any country any time of the day or night.

2. Get the Facts: According to USA Today “Ebay has become a mirror of our times”. At any given time there are 14 million auctions being held. Among the top 10 search terms on eBay in 2003 were four designer brands: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach and Prada. Which designer brand will win 2007? Kate Spade? A simple search on eBay will give you the real time information, pricing and style numbers. This information is free for offline and online retailers and wholesalers. See What’s Hot on eBay

3.Think Outside of the Box: If you think eBay is big now, think bigger. The Embassy of India announced in 2004 that “eBay, the World’s Online Marketplace (NASDAQ: EBAY – had agreed to acquire Inc. and its subsidiary India Pvt. Ltd., the largest online marketplace in India. The acquisition was expected to close in the third quarter of calendar year 2004. At the time, there were 17 million Internet users already in India, and the number was expected to grow to more than 30 million users by 2006.

4. Make a Plan: After you have read the facts, you won’t have to base your decisions solely on people hiding behind screenames in Wholesale Forums. If Ma and Pa Kettle are surfing the Internet for Kate Spade Handbags and importing wholesale lots from China for one fourth of the regular wholesale price, how can traditional retailers like Macy’s compete? Overtaken by this huge evolution of global Internet communication, eBay still claims “it is ONLY A VENUE” and has turned counterfeit and Parallel Import Issues over to the Vero Group of registered trademark owners. These Vero members have Carte Blanche to pull eBay auctions suspected of selling goods that are infringing on copyrights.. is it legal? Read the DMCA. is it working?? A quick search on eBay for the words “Tiffany jewelry” January 14, 2005 produced thousands of results for items still offered at way below wholesale prices Search eBay . Entering the keywords Seven for All Mankind, True Religion, Gucci, Rock and Republic and Abercrombie, produces similar results.

Is eBay’s Vero Team losing the battle to protect trademarks and copyrights and simply using bully tactics to send Take Down Notices to small businesses? Or… are grey market goods legal?? eBay Powersellers say Yes, these goods are authentic and many are fighting back and winning Tabberone’s Hall of Shame . Tiffany disagrees and sued eBay, claiming the eBay site infringes on its trademarks by allowing auction sellers to peddle fake Tiffany jewelry. Many believe Ebay’s “hands off” policy promotes the sale of counterfeits and breeds crime. eBay knows people get ripped off daily but they are only interested in the bottom line dollars earned through “fees”. eBay is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and unless you find products to resell on eBay at way below wholesale prices, you just can’t compete.

5. Jump in! One thing is certain, authentic or not, the Internet will continue to grow very fast. According to Celent Communications, the online payment industry in the US was expected to reach $12.5 billion in revenues in 2005. Consider sourcing inventory through off price wholesalers and importers abroad. Before making a plan for the next five years, where do you fit in this? Old school, new school? or grey area? Is the Anne Klein apparel sold at Sams Wholesale authentic, grey market or just simply less quality goods manufactured by same factory for less costs to specifically target lower income America? Take precautions by educating yourself first. Learn about Wholesale Forums before you dive in.

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