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Still Resume Writing Tips – How to Write a Professional Resume 2022

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Still Resume Writing Tips - How to Write a Professional Resume 2022
Still Resume Writing Tips - How to Write a Professional Resume 2022 1

Resume Writing Tips – How to Write a Professional Resume

Writing a winning resume can be daunting. You may wonder if you have enough information to fill a page or if your experience will be impressive enough to command the attention of a potential employer. The first step to compiling a comprehensive list of your past accomplishments is to ask yourself some questions about your past career experiences and your career goals.

Begin with an examination of your reasons for needing a resume. While this may sound elementary, compelling reasons for needing a resume go beyond, “I want to get a new job.” Consider your career objectives. What would you like to do? What job are your qualified to do? Make sure that your goals are specific in terms of industry, position, title and future professional achievements. Once your objective is clear it will be easier for you to compose a resume that highlights your skills and expertise in your specific area of interest.

Once you have developed your career objective and put this on paper you need to research resume formats that will best highlight your skills. The internet is full of sites that offer sample resumes for the industry of your interest. The library is another great resource for finding background information that will help you best compile and present your professional achievements. Once you have found a format that best presents your information use the layout to help you get started.

Your personal information should be listed at the top of your resume. This information will include your name, address, home and mobile number and email address if you have one. If including an email address use one that has your name as this appears more professional. Refrain from using email addresses with pet names such as “[email protected]”. If you do not already have a professional looking email address a free one may be obtained at Yahoo or Gmail.

When listing your employment experience be sure the list is in chronological order starting with your most recent position. You may list up to five previous jobs but try to keep the resume a maximum of 2 pages. Be sure to list all employment so as not to create gaps in your employment history.

When listing your education, start with your college attendance and move to your most recent accomplishments. If you have never attended a college or university but obtained on the job certification or training be sure to include these. Skills and certifications should be listed in bulleted form with as much information included about the certifying agency as possible allowing the potential employer to opportunity to perform reference checks.

Including references on your resume is helpful but may be omitted if preferred. However you should let the potential employer know that references will be provided upon request. You can do so by simply typing at the end of your resume “Professional references provided upon request.”

Have a friend or family member review your completed resume and provide construction criticism. Having a second pair of eyes review your work can help to catch grammatical or formatting errors that may have been overlooked. A well-written, error-free resume will help you put your best foot forward and get the job that exceeds your career goals.

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