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Stop Free Dropshipping For eBay – Does It Exist? 2022

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Stop Free Dropshipping For eBay - Does It Exist? 2022
Stop Free Dropshipping For eBay - Does It Exist? 2022 1

Free Dropshipping For eBay – Does It Exist?

Drop shipping allows you put an item up for sale complete with pictures and descriptions. Say an item has a wholesale cost of $6.00, you will sell it for at least $19.95. Once the item sells the company through which you sold your item will take it out of storage and ship it for you directly to your buyer. Usually dropshippers use a Blind dropship method which means that they do not print their name on the shipment so your buyer will never know where the item actually came from. They will always think that it came from your website.

You make a profit and the company that helped you store and ship your item will also make a profit. Your profit is based on the difference between your wholesale cost and the selling price of the item.

There has been some debate as to weather it is worth it or not. Consumers generally go on to the website and post an item for sale. They set a price and shipping information. Once the item sells the seller generally ships it directly to the consumer after they received the money. eBay does support selling dropshipping products on their website but is tentative about going full force.

With drop shipping the customer can drop the money directly into the sellers PayPal account and then the item ships immediately, because the item is already in stock with the store the customer has chosen to sell with. The disadvantages to drop shipping, not only on eBay but in general, is that you have lack of control on when you drop ship so you are at the mercy of the shipper. They control the packing and shipping experience. If they pack and item improperly or take too long to ship, the customer will blame you and not the drop shipper. Poor service from a drop shipper can negatively affect your customer satisfaction ratings on eBay and Amazon. No control over inventory can be a problem especially if a drop shipper fails to warn you about their low inventory level, you may sell an item that they cannot deliver. This puts you in a very bad position with eBay and Amazon. If it happens too often you could find your account suspended or closed. This is why its very important to choose good suppliers that you can rely on for each and every order you send them.

The main advantages are no up front investment in products – When you sell drop shipped products, you don’t pay for the merchandise until it sells. This eliminates tying up money in inventory and eliminates risk If something doesn’t sell. Your only risk is the listing fees.

When you buy products to resell, you are limited in the number and type of products you can sell by the amount of cash or credit you have to purchase. When you drop ship, you can list many more products for sale with no limitation at all.

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