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Stop Learning Internet Marketing 106 – Social Media – (Micro-Blogging With Twitter) 2022

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Stop Learning Internet Marketing 106 - Social Media - (Micro-Blogging With Twitter) 2022
Stop Learning Internet Marketing 106 - Social Media - (Micro-Blogging With Twitter) 2022 1

Learning Internet Marketing 106 – Social Media – (Micro-Blogging With Twitter)


There are 5 Critical Steps to optimising your position in relation to other businesses on the Internet. The five critical steps in learning Internet marketing strategies are – The blog – Social media – Video online – Social bookmarking and – Content sharing sites

The pivotal element in learning Internet marketing strategies is the blog but it equally relies on the other four elements to be completely effective.

In this article we will be discussing one of the other major social networking tactics in Twitter. While it is in the category of social networking, it is more aptly defined as a micro-blogging site.

Since its creation only a few short years ago, Twitter has grown at an exceptional rate with some estimates indicating that it is increasing in the thousands of percent. This is absolutely amazing considering the fact that the number of characters in each message is limited to only 140.


Wikipedia defines Twitter as a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users (followers) to send short messages (tweets). These tweets are text-based messages of not more than 140 characters. Twitter has had a huge impact on the various methods of communication and undoubtedly is the fastest growing communication media in recent history. Some estimates put Twitters growth at 1382% while Zimbo had a growth of 240% followed by Facebook with 228%.

Some statistics indicate that while the two social network leaders are Facebook and MySpace, twitter has conservatively 4 to 5 million users. (1)

Twitter as a tactic

Twitter is a quick, easy and convenient way to keep in constant communication between its followers. It enables family, friends and business associates to maintain connections with each other. The short form of messages has proven to be one of its great appeals as the challenge seems to be able to maintain brevity, particularly for its newer followers.

The ability to communicate in a short sharp brief style has not hindered in any way the ability to send links for video and other hyperlinks. The use of applications such as “tiny url” has greatly added to the ability to communicate so succinctly. Some of the previously used SMS abbreviations have resurfaced in tweets.

Some of the most notable uses of Twitter have come from recent events including the 2008 US presidential elections, (twitter use apparently increased by 43% on election day) a worldwide press conference by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as by victims, bystanders and the pubic to gather news during the 2008 Mumbai siege. Twitter has also been reportedly used a faculty of the University of Vienna for course evaluation.

Technology leads the way to new social groups

With the introduction of much of the new technologies and Internet Marketing Strategies there seems to be emerging a new set of social groups.

I have recently carried out some research into the habits and traits of Twitter followers. From my fairly limited observations I have determined that three distinct groups are emerging.

1. Consummate sales people – those people who cannot tweet without having the need to sell something. Many of these people have an overwhelming desire to send followers off to their websites and other links in the hope that with this shotgun approach to selling that someone will buy something; anything.

2. Social commentators – those people who have a need to constantly let everyone know about their daily habits. When they get up, go to work, eat certain things and go about certain daily routines.

3. Social inquisitors – those people who have a desire to ask questions and to find out about things and people. I found it interesting that depending on the type of question asked, a response or in many cases a non-response resulted.

I know you’re probably thinking that you don’t fit into any one of those categories and you’re absolutely correct. There are other people who don’t fall into any one of those three categories but they do follow a certain pattern of behaviour that imitates the general flow of tweets that may be happening at a particular time.

One of the great Internet Marketing gurus I’ve been following on Twitter has offered an interesting opinion on how we should go about striking up a conversation on Twitter. We should start up a conversation on Twitter like we are at a party.

We wouldn’t go up to a person we’ve never met before and start straight into a sales pitch about selling our services without first getting to know the person. But many people on Twitter do just that. I agree totally with his comments here.

Equally important we wouldn’t go up to a total stranger and start a conversation about our eating, sleeping, living or working habits without setting some sort of ground work or getting to know the other person in some way. Once again tweets on Twitter hit other followers in the same subtle blunt ways.

The third group of social inquisitors is probably on the right track by staring a conversation with a question; by seeking someone’s opinion on a particular topic. If we were at a party and we don’t know someone then we often start a conversation by asking about something; even if it’s about the weather. It’s better than hitting the first person we meet with the sales pitch of the century; especially if they’re not even remotely interested in our product.

In conclusion

This article has discussed what Twitter is, how we can use it as a tactic in developing our all important Internet Marketing Strategies and most importantly how we should go about starting a conversation and building a relationship with other Twitter followers.

I will leave you with one final tip on Twitter; always offer to retweet someone else’s message before you ask someone to retweet your message. It is a fantastic way to pay-forward before we pay-back.

In future articles I will discuss the final two Critical Steps to optimising your position in relation to other businesses on the Internet; social book marking and content sharing sites.

Sources: (1) accessed 15 April 2009

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