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TIFU by playing Truth or Dare with my boyfriend Discover 2022

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TIFU by playing Truth or Dare with my boyfriend Discover 2022
TIFU by playing Truth or Dare with my boyfriend Discover 2022 1

TIFU by playing Truth or Dare with my boyfriend Discover 2022

Last night I had my boyfriend and a few of our mutual friends over to my apartment to drink and play games. Well after a few hours we were all pretty wasted and playing truth or dare. When my boyfriend picked truth, I couldnt think of a good question so I asked jokingly which one of my friends he would sleep with. I’ve always been secure in our relationship so I wasnt asking because I was suspicious. I was 100% sure he would say “none of them” or give a joke answer, but no. Without hesitation he pointed to our friend Stephanie and said “probably Stephanie,” then looked at her boyfriend Jacob and said “no disrespect, man, but damn you’re lucky you get to hit that” and looked her up and down

The room went silent. Stephanie had a disgusted look on her face. She crossed her arms to cover her chest and looked like she was about to blow up at him. He picked up on the fact that everyone was shocked by his answer so he said “What? Asked and answered. Come on. Lets move on”

Stephanie got up out of her seat and went outside to have a smoke. Her boyfriend followed after her. I got up too and he started to look panicked saying “what did i do wrong?? You asked me a question and I answered truthfully! You shouldnt have asked if you didnt want to know the answer” I just said “You’re right. I shouldnt have asked”

I went outside and apologized profusely to Stephanie and Jacob for putting them in that position. Stephanie said its not my fault, but I felt awful. If I had known he would give a real answer I never would have asked him that.

I went back inside and all of my guests were packing their things and leaving. When they were all gone, my boyfriend said he wanted to break up because I’m too dramatic. I was emotionally numb in that moment so I said “oh good. I love when the trash takes itself out”. He started crying and saying he didn’t mean it. I ordered him an Uber and let him stay inside until the Uber got here. I held it together until he was gone and then finally cried

TL;DR asked my boyfriend which one of my friends he would sleep with during a game of truth or dare and he answered truthfully. We broke up

Edit: I understand that I’m the asshole in this situation, hence the TIFU. I’m not saying that what he said absolves me of my mistake. What I AM saying is that what he said after answering the question is disgusting and he hurt two of my friends. He kicked himself out of the friend group by leaving the groupchats and not talking to us anymore and I broke up with him because well…I dont see him the same way anymore. Hope this clears some things up

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