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Today A Free Way To Explode Your eBay Business- Customer Service 2022

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Today A Free Way To Explode Your eBay Business- Customer Service 2022
Today A Free Way To Explode Your eBay Business- Customer Service 2022 1

A Free Way To Explode Your eBay Business- Customer Service

Often people selling at online auction sites like eBay completely forget about the customer service aspect of selling. It is easy as you grow your business and automate many of the daily tasks to develop a sense that you are only dealing with and forget about the customer on the other end. However, good customer service is one of the best ways to grow your business. Next time you use software to automatically post feedback or send out an automated email think about the message you are sending to the customer. There is someone on the other end of the deal that has taken a leap of faith in your company and sent you money.

Running a profitable eBay business is really not that different then operating a bricks and mortar type of store at least in the realm of customer service needs. It is important to think about ways that you can improve the customer service of your business. What are things you can do to build repeat customers? Think of ways to provide great customer service and develop a loyal following for your business. This is the best way to build your business with very little expense. Below are some ideas that can help brand your business and improve customer loyalty.

Start An Ezine

Do you sell in a niche area that people would like to learn more about? For example if you were an antique toy collector and sold old toys your customers might enjoy learning more about the toys you sell. The best way to build your business would be to publish an ezine and provide them with quality content. This sets you up as an expert and as a friend. By providing quality content and information to your customers you will perceived as a dedicated seller and not just someone trying to unload all of the junk in their garage. Another great thing about an ezine is you can always add a commercial plug mixed in with your content. Be careful and do this only occasionally, however it can really pay off. For example why not start a weekly ezine? It is pretty simple to write two or three articles and make a friendly newsletter that is information packed for your customers. At the bottom of the newsletter or ezine highlight some of the auctions you have up for the week. This is a great way to build your customer service and get more visitors to your auction listings.

Little Touches

Have you ever thought about including little special touches with the items you send out? If you haven’t you might want to give it a try. This can help build your customer loyalty. There is no hard and fast rule here or any one size fits all type of product that you can include. This is really dependent on the type of products you sell. However including a little thank you note or business card can really build loyal customers. For a while I was including a fun post card with each shipment. I live very close to Los Angeles and the famous California beaches and I would often collect postcards. I started throwing them in with the packages I was sending out. People just love to get something for free even if it is only a small gift. If you don’t think you can afford anything like that then make a thank you card on your computer and send it. It really depends on the items that you sell and what you have available but if you think about it there is something that can be included in every package to easily increase customer loyalty and service.

Follow Up

One of the biggest mistakes many eBay sellers make is not following up with customers. Don’t let more then 12 hours pass from when you close the auction to the first time you contact them. Also strive to respond to all of your emails within a day, don’t let product questions or after sales questions build up in your email in box.

Add A Personal Touch

There are so many programs out there now that can automate your entire auction business. Most of the time these are great tools to use and if you plan on achieving Power seller status you will need something to track and automate some of the features and day to day tasks of the business. However, if you are supplied with stock email templates or other set emails modify them. Try to always add a personal touch and flair to your communication with customers.

There are so many other ways to create customer loyalty and brand your eBay business. The ideas above just begin to scratch the surface of what is possible. However hopefully they spur on some of your own ideas. If not do not stress over it just let the idea mull over in your head a few days and something will pop out when you least expect it.

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