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Today Are You Looking For a PPC Search Engine? 2022

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Today Are You Looking For a PPC Search Engine? 2022
Today Are You Looking For a PPC Search Engine? 2022 1

Are You Looking For a PPC Search Engine?

One of the main reasons why search engines are so popular is simply because people are always searching for things online. It doesn’t matter if they are looking for website addresses or something in particular. There are also different types of search engines. There are engines like that of Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask and there are also PPC (Pay Per Click) search engines. All in all these engines work just about the same, except Pay per Click engines are usually “smaller” engines and they also allow people to buy ad placement for cheaper amounts than those like Google. If you’re interested in something like this on the Pay Per Click sites, look for something called “advertisers”, “affiliates” or “sponsors.” Sign up with an account, enter in the advertiser info and voila done!

Obviously for any of us that have bought ad placement on Google we know it can become costly at some points in time. However, Pay per Click sites are more cost effective for the advertiser and allow you the user to search for several different products, services, etc. On engines like Pay Per Click or bigger sites like Google, the process and results are the same. For example, say I’m searching for a restaurant in Naples Florida close to my home. All I have to do is search for Restaurants in Naples Florida 34101 and all the restaurants in that area will show up. Or you can search for other things or other websites. Say I want to find the official website for Barnes & Noble (just as a simple example). All I have to do is enter in Barnes And Noble or I could enter in Barnes and Noble plus my zip code and the official website will show up. Pretty simple!

Also unlike engines like Google and Yahoo you can go to PPC search engines and find categories as well as sub categories on the main page. So, for example say I go to “Health” and then “Diet”, I will find ad results that have to do with dieting or health related products. Here are several different main categories you will find on the home page of these pay per click Search Engines:

and more!

There are several Pay per Click engines listed below that you can take a look at also:

Smart-Phart – Smart-Phart will pay you up to 90% of the bidded amount plus 5% of your referrals earnings. You will be paid within 10 days after request by E-Gold or MoneyBookers when you have reached the $2 minimum. No advertiser sign up sorry!

WeBeSearchin – WeBeSearchin pays you between 75% and 95% of the bidded amount of keywords. You will also earn 5% of your referrals earnings. WeBeSearchin will pay you once your balance has reached $5.00, directly to your PayPal or MoneyBookers account.

WeBeSearchin Advertisers – If you want to use a portal to advertise, be sure to use the portal we supplied in our members section (under the link Affiliates), without altering any of the words.
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Are You Looking For a PPC Search Engine?|