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Today Twitter Tip: Schedule Your Tweets 2022

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Today Twitter Tip: Schedule Your Tweets 2022
Today Twitter Tip: Schedule Your Tweets 2022 1

Twitter Tip: Schedule Your Tweets

The best way to make a name for yourself on Twitter is to tweet regularly (with interesting information or links, of course). People who tweet at least a few times a day have a better shot at being noticed, being followed, being retweeted, and having their reputation improve.

Twitter can be linked up with many other sites where you’d create content. You can link it to Facebook, blogging platforms, LinkedIn, and others. Some of these sites even allow for automatic posting to Twitter. On the surface, this would seem to save you a lot of time. Rather than having to maintain multiple social networks, you can focus on one. Update once, and all of your networks are automatically updated.

As tempting as it may be, your best bet is to avoid automation. For one, the different social networks serve different purposes. A Facebook status update is not precisely the same as a tweet. If you’re using Twitter to establish a reputation for a particular niche topic (as you should), then that’s a different purpose than a personal Facebook page. Cross-posting can quickly become cross-contamination.

It’s also better to create unique content. It’s easy to post to one site and have it broadcast elsewhere, much like syndication works, but all it does is create duplicate content and associate you with automation. It will quickly become obvious that you’re posting to several social networks just to gain exposure and not to actually interact with each one.

So what can you do to streamline your Twitter feed without being available throughout the day and without resorting to automation? The answer is simple: you schedule your tweets.

Several websites allow you to link up with Twitter and schedule tweets. I use a site called Buffer. Scheduling allows you to create original tweets and set them up to post at certain times. For instance, I have my Buffer account set up so that five tweets will post at specific times. I can change the times everyday, if I want, or I can target the same times.

I can simply create a day’s worth of tweets before bed. I bookmark interesting pages and then queue up tweets with links to those pages, then forget about it. This setup ensures that my tweets are posted when I want them to post, regardless of what I’m doing at that moment. If I want a link to a blog post to be tweeted at 1:21 p.m., and I’m indisposed at that time, I can rest easy knowing that it still got on the feed.

This is just one simple way of making your life a little easier.

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