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Today Using SocialOomph With Twitter – Advantages & Disadvantages 2022

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Today Using SocialOomph With Twitter - Advantages & Disadvantages 2022
Today Using SocialOomph With Twitter - Advantages & Disadvantages 2022 1

Using SocialOomph With Twitter – Advantages & Disadvantages

SocialOomph is a tool that the busy internet marketer can use to automate his/her tweets on the amazingly popular social networking site Twitter.

Formerly known as TweetLater, this is an online programme that gives the user a large amount of tools to manage their Twitter marketing efforts. Using SocialOomph for Twitter has plenty of benefits, but also contains a few drawbacks.

The Benefits of using SocialOomph for Twitter

Twitter, just like any other Social Networking site, is largely used by people from across the globe. The more people who follow your tweets, the greater your chances are of reaching potential customers. Your followers, however, are somewhat pre-qualified; if they are not interested in what they see in your tweets, they will quickly un-follow you.

So, the question is, how do you most effectively communicate with your audience? SocialOomph makes it easy by offering tools that automatically respond to your Twitter followers and schedule tweets for future dates or times. Along with those features, SocialOomph also includes;

  • Twitter Keyword Tracking
  • Set up what’s known as an auto-DM (When you get a new follower, SocialOomph automatically sends them a DM which you previously wrote)
  • Automatically follows those who follow you, and un-follows anyone who un-follows you
  • Finds you new followers while eliminating spammers in the results
  • Includes an integrated console to manage more than one Twitter account

So, from the benefits, you would have thought that SocialOomph is the perfect tool to manage your Twitter network. But you haven’t finished the post yet!! Read the disadvantages and then decide!

The Disadvantages of using SocialOomph

Before you type socialoomph into your browser, there are a few things you should know first; for one, you do not get all of the features listed above unless you sign up for a professional account. When you first sign up, they will offer you a week’s free trial, which includes all of the professional features listed above, and then they will ask you for a subscription fee. If you do not pay the subscription fee, you can still use SocialOomph, but on the basic package they offer. The professional package is pretty pricey, but if you use Twitter for Marketing purposes, it could well be a worthwhile investment.

You should also be aware that SocialOomph recently changed their policy due to Twitter claiming that repeating tweets are a breach of the site’s Terms of Service. Duplicated content is considered spam, basically. This means that using the same URL in different tweets is considered spam.

All in all, SocialOomph is a very effective way to help save you time and maximise the effectiveness of your Twitter Marketing. It’s up to you to decide; go have a look.

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Using SocialOomph With Twitter – Advantages & Disadvantages|